Bretton Woods

In Progress:

Set on a steep ridge in a challenging, near-alpine zone, Bretton Woods is a project being phased in over the next several years.

Fall 2017: Phase 1 consisted of a tight working space in the south-facing front yard. The client requested the design to maximize outdoor patio space, conserve the lawn area for the grandchildren and integrate a hot tub and existing mobile fire pit. With less than 2,000 square feet to work with and grades to be addressed, this Summer home is well on its way to being a retirement haven. Installed by Scott Palmer.

Spring/Summer 2018: Phase 2 will address the issues facing the North side of the property:

-provide access down the Eastern side hill to the hot tub/fire pit area

-minimize the imposing, residential structure with tiered retaining wall, elevated plantings and a trellis structure

-provide a more functional approach from the East side parking area to the North side entrance

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