Riverwalk Properties: Landscape News on the Merrimack

landscape designRiverwalk Lofts: Moving forward in Lawrence, Massachusetts

If you haven’t heard by now, things are happening in Lawrence. That’s right, Lawrence, Massachusetts! Get caught up on the history of this property and our involvement with their landscape design by clicking here.

For now, we thought a few photos and storied updates in order. Today’s subject is the redesign of the buildings far West entrance corridor.

Design Solutions: Banding

landscape design landscape design landscape design

Some design solutions don’t always happen in studio. This banding concept stemmed from a discussion we had with our landscape contractor, Steve Avedesian. When patterning is set in one direction and the hardscape layout goes in twenty directions, banding is helpful in a few ways. It helps to break up the awkward flow and start anew. Hardscape banding provides an opportunity for new patterning, adding interest to the overall concept.

Job Site Construction: Maintaining the Vision

landscape design

Prior to completing the final design phase, we needed to get back on site and confirm that what the architects drew was what was built on site. This helps to ensure accuracy in estimates and the materials purchasing process. The construction crew did a great job considering the technical aspects of the design.

landscape design
Northside “bays” await hardscape materials for patio areas and plantings guide visitors up the paver walkway

 Presentation & Installation: Design Evolution

landscape design
Granite signage from the old mill to be re-purposed for a later design project
landscape design
Presenting plans in the newly updated Riverwalk West Entry lounge










landscape design
Before: Island area on the corner of Merrimack & Union St. awaits hardscape border detail and initial planting
landscape design
After: Fresh island planting of Sweetspire and Spring Flurry Serviceberry with an Ideal paver soldier course border; more plants coming soon
landscape design
Before: Cast-in-place entry steps await path lighting installation and hardscape finishing
landscape design
After: Path lighting installed and Ideal pavers finish the ground plane detail
Next Phase: Dog Park and North Entrance

As the West entry project wraps up, we’ll be addressing the need for a dog park and more attractive entrance for the residents at Riverwalk Lofts. db2 Architecture has finished the collaborative plans for the dog park (see below) and we are putting the finishing touches on the North entrance.

Stay tuned for updates from our landscape design process at Riverwalk Lawrence!

landscape design





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