Conservation + Sustainable Stewardship on Chocorua Lake

By 2008, a much-loved pine grove and beach on the shores of Chocorua Lake were being loved to death -literally! The mature native red pines were suffering from severe soil compaction and erosion due to heavy visitor use. The design program included vegetative buffers of durable, native plants at the bases of the trees and extending along the rocky shoreline. Large boulders were brought in and strategically placed to discourage ATV and ice house trailer access from the road to the lake. Granite benches provide for quiet viewing of the lake and mountains, while the planting areas provide protection around the trees and along the lakeshore. Pedestrian corridors were reduced in width with strategic openings in the canopy to provide for small gatherings. Management continues with twice yearly walk-throughs to inspect the shoreline and the above-bank pathways and plantings. Installed and maintained by the nonprofit Chocorua Lake Conservancy land trust members and volunteers.

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