North Mill Pond

Landscape Renovation & Home Restoration In Progress:

A residential property set on a 1/2 acre parcel on the West side of Portsmouth took on a complete home and landscape renovation.  North Mill Pond’s rather small footprint offered many variations within the landscape. A front yard grade incline flattens off at the residence, then takes a dive toward the back yard fencing. Invasive, mature Norway Maples are potential hazards to not only the local ecology but abutting lots.

Summer 2017: Phase 1 addressed the client needs of an extended decking  from the East side of the residence connecting to a grill space on the North side, shed area. In addition, edible planters are installed into a modern-contemporary plant palette.

The following phases will include: a front yard edible garden with 5 raised beds, back yard fire pit and a newly configured parking area with a tiered retaining wall to enhance curb appeal. All this cloaked in an understated, native plant theme.

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