New England Landscape Trends

Bluestone and granite patio with native granite fieldstone fire pit Zachary Berger Associates

Hot Tubs, Fire Pits + Patios: Sensible Investments for the Northeast Garden

It’s been said that New Englanders have a knack for being practical. The fact that hot tubs, fire pits + patios are the most popular New England landscape trends may prove this point. These design requests are directly tied to the challenging environments that we inhabit here in the Northeast. We should first point out that our definition of a “sensible investment” may not be everyone elses! Prior to making the leap to install your next landscape element, be sure to do the research to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment. In many cases, clients are merely asking for things they want and have seen but not what may be best for their current landscape needs.

Hot Tubs

Let’s begin our list with the lowest ROI of New England landscape trends. Hot tubs make our list of sensible landscape investments mainly due to their comparison to pools. The ability of hot tubs to be used in nearly every month in cold climates, lower purchase cost and maintenance fees are just a few reasons why we view hot tubs as the better choice.
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A hot tub integrated into the new patio designZachary Berger Associates & Scott Palmer

Fire Pits

Not surprisingly, fire pits are high on every list of New England landscape trends. When you consider the benefits of adding a fire pit to your landscape, it’s easy to see why this is true. Here are just a few reasons to have us design a fire pit for you:
  • universal appeal
  • low maintenance
  • great return on investment
  • long life
  • entertainment value
Our favorite way to take advantage of a fire pit is to make sure we get lots of use out of it. As long as the area is clear of snow, you can use a fire pit in just about any season. Though most popularly used at night, we also like to sit outside in the morning and watch the sun rise with a big cup of Joe.

Patios + Walkways

The versatility and multi-use functions of a patio + walkway are big reasons for their popularity in New England. More and more, people are looking to get the best bang for their buck and patios + walkways allow for that. Once a patio + walkway are in place, the possibilities of your outdoor space are almost limitless.
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Bluestone patio with fire pitZachary Berger Associates & Loomis Property Services
Dimensional bluestone patio – Zachary Berger Associates & Loomis Property Services
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Irregular bluestone patio – Zachary Berger Associates
new england landscape
Irregular bluestone walkwayZachary Berger Associates
Bluestone stepping stonesZachary Berger Associates & Loomis Property Services
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Mystic Mountain stone walkway + stepsZachary Berger Associates
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Modular paver walkway and hand-split granite stepsZachary Berger Associates & Michael Barbour
Far and away, patios + walkways are the most popular request we get when designing landscapes. However, they’re some of the most frequently poorly designed elements in the landscape. Clever, simplistic details are often overlooked for a formulaic approach. Therefore, committing just a few design hours to have us think through a new patio is well worth the investment.
New patio + fire pit install in Biddeford Pool, MaineZachary Berger Associates
Are you looking to have one of these elements as part of your Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine landscape? We offer complimentary initial site reviews and would be happy to discuss your landscape needs and desires. Contact us today to see how we can make your next landscape investment a special one. 802-585-7767