Barrows Brook

Plans in Progress

A recently developed site in the Stowe countryside is being revamped with a master plan. Barrows Brook construction began in Spring of 2020 and will receive ongoing consultation and improvements over the next several years.

The initial call to the site asked that we deal with the imposing hillside that was created upon the initial housing development concept. Those plans never materialized and what was left included an unsightly septic mound at the top of the ridge. Using a crafted boulder retaining wall, roughly 6-7′ in height, we reduced the steepness of the grade to make it usable for the homeowners.

A permaculture design approach will certainly play a key role in properly executing the client’s wishes. Among those wishes: a small orchard, fruit patch and vineyard on the newly constructed hillside with the overall vision being rustic, Tuscan aesthetic. Other major projects within this Master Plan include a new entry terraced garden and patio with solarium for outdoor entertainment.

Without giving away all the details of the fun that’ll eventually be had at Barrows Brook, we can firmly say this will be a unique and exciting project.

A big thanks to our friend KC Chambers at Red Barn Realty in Stowe for introducing us to these forward thinking landowners. You’ll want to check back regularly to see how this one is coming along.

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