Vermont Outdoor Patio: Does Sourcing Matter?

vermont stone
Overlook view of Black River Quarries in Sharon, Vermont
Vermont stone adds valuable context to the landscape

What do we mean when we say a landscape design should be contextual? When is it imperative that a design be contextual? First, consider the definition; the circumstances that form the setting of an event. When the clients at High Pond asked for an outdoor patio focused on entertaining, using local Vermont stone came to mind.

vermont stone
Conceptual Landscape Plan

Integrating local Vermont stone into design projects can be a challenge. Though it isn’t usually a matter of availability but cost. Why would you opt for local stone when in some cases similar products could be obtained for half the cost?

Obvious reasons for choosing Vermont stone deals with the social, environmental and economic implications:

  1.  Social- when you buy local Vermont stone you ensure the members of your community are working under safe conditions and receive fair wages.
  2.  Environmental- the stone quarrying process involves heavy carbon usage. Buying local reduces unnecessary long-distance shipping, sometimes from across the globe.
  3. Economic- purchase Vermont stone and you’ll be supporting your neighbors and the interests of those at home.
vermont stone
Happy installers make great landscapes!

So what about landscapes being contextual? Even if you’re aware of the reasons stated above, you’re unlikely to consider how Vermont stone will add context to your landscape design.

Vermont stone and local stone sourcing adds intrinsic value and reinforces sense of place. Locally-sourced materials create that harmonious sense of belonging and relationship to the surrounding landscape.

Purchasing local stone products for your landscape project show you’re a well informed consumer and that your home reflects the surrounding environment.

The egregious lack of public knowledge involving the stone trades drives buyers to overlook this fact: If no one will ever know that you’ve purchased from an antagonistic regime with interests opposite of country, why not opt for the foreign stone selection?

The clients at High Pond understand what buying local means. Quimby Mountain stone from Sharon, Vermont lines the wall perimeter. Northeastern bluestone completes the patio, fire pit and walkway ground plane. All this, completed by local, competent professionals. The result is an outdoor space that will provide enjoyment for years to come in a setting of proper circumstance.

vermont stone
Partial view of the newly installed patio and fire pit in Stowe, Vermont

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