Great East Lake

Naturalistic design for a year-round camp utilizing granite boulders, permeable hardscape + native plants. Installed and managed by Mark Arsenault, Brad Meserve and Distinctive Gardening.

The landscape at Great East Lake is a great example of environmental stewardship. This project required a permit from the state of Maine to operate within the shoreland zone. Specifically, a retaining structure was needed in order create adequate spacing for vehicular traffic in the area abutting the residence and above the lake.

Using blasted stone from the site and sourcing additional hard goods from no further than 10 miles away, the hardscape at Great East Lake appears as though it’s been there for centuries. In addition, a heavy dose of native plants aided in the vision to develop the landscape in a naturalistic fashion.

As years pass and the landscape matures, we inch closer to experiencing absolute sense of place. A place where nature’s impact is evident and man co-exists. Though we’ve been involved in several projects of note since Great East Lake’s completion, it will forever remain a ZBA flagship project.

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