ZBA News: Design Certificate Nears Completion

design education

Design Education continues at ZBA

We’re happy to report that both Ronny and Zak have successfully completed the second module of UNH’s permaculture landscape design education course. With that in mind, please review our prior posts┬áregarding this attempt to further our design skill set.

These modules require dedication and hard work, all while working our regular jobs at the design firm. Each part of the design course grants the individual 4 CEU’s and takes a commitment of 40 hours. All this, to be completed in 5 weeks.

design education
Associate Ronny Stelly’s area to be designed

Now comes the last and final module: Fundamentals of Permaculture Design. Lauren Chase Rowell will be teaching, as she did for module #1.

In this final part, we’ll be combining the skills from Foundations and Social Permaculture to conceptualize a design of our choice.

Course materials are familiar as well. For those interested in browsing, Jono Neiger’s book The Permaculture Promise is available on most major book seller’s websites. For those of you familiar with Bill Mollison’s work, seek out his free online designer manual here.

design education
Cover Art to Bill Mollison’s Design Manual

We’re already seeing interest from clients who want the principles of permaculture included in their landscape designs! With these skills on hand, we’ll soon be able to provide this unique approach as part of our standard design package.