Kezar Lake

Master plans implementation in progress on this beautiful lakeshore project, permitted through the State of Maine. Our relationship with this piece of rocky land began before the home was built. Early involvement in projects like these is highly recommended and welcomed as part of our design service ideology.

Commissioned in the Fall of 2018, this property in Lovell, Maine is nothing short of special. Set deep in the woods, the new residence has beautiful views of Kezar Lake and the northeastern sector of the White Mountain National Forest.

Rich, ecological diversity on the Kezar Lake project is apparent and will be managed and maintained as the built environment comes to fruition. A Red Oak, Sugar Maple, Paper Birch and Hemlock forest occupies the canopy layer while native blueberry, waldsteinia, bunchberry and wintergreen spread the ground plane.

The client’s wishes are to see environmental stewardship practices held to the highest standards while bringing in new and attractive species to the softscape. Also of importance is the use of on-site boulders and native stone. The initial site excavation unearthed plenty of gems used in all of the stone walls and as accent boulders throughout.

The overarching objective for Kezar lake includes creating a naturalistic, Maine lakeside theme. Specifically, our design includes assisting with positioning the new house on the land, addressing drainage issues as a result of clearing for new construction, establishing driveway layouts and a terraced patio area with seating wall adjacent to the residence.


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