Vermont Landscapes: Advertising Design

vermont landscapes
Designed patio and sitting area in Stowe, Vermont

Vermont – Spring 2019

Entering our 10th year of designing Vermont landscapes and our 6th year of focus in the Lamoille Valley, we’ve continued to invest in the local press in search of new clients. Often, it takes several showings before your brand can be recognized and remain on the minds of the public audience. Our steadfast marketing approach seems to finally be paying off .

Stowe Reporter

vermont landscapes
Recent ad spot in Burlington Area Newspaper Group

Cultivating relationships has helped us get the best customer service from ad agencies. When the Stowe Reporter recently went on a newspaper buying spree, we were one of the first to be offered their wide-reaching BANG campaign.

As a repeat customer, they offered us a great opportunity at exposure in 4 different papers throughout the state. Taking advantage of this offer, we benefited by having nearly 25,000 potential viewers! Vermont landscapes designed by ZBA are more possible than ever.

Best Version Media

The sales representatives at the Stowe Reporter weren’t the only advertising agency to offer great deals. Boston Neary, publisher at Best Version Media has kept our business relationship sustainable. We recently submitted an article to BVM in their South Burlington & Shelburne Living publication entitled “The Most Beautiful Landscapes are Designed First”.

vermont landscapes
ZBA article in Best Version Media publication

For a while, we’ve been brainstorming ways in which we can get the word out about the importance of designed Vermont landscapes. We are big proponents of thinking of design prior to calling a contractor to the site. The folks at Best Version gave us a great chance to broaden our reach on this topic.

Thinking about advertising locally? No one can guarantee instant success, but our volume of solid local design projects speaks to our persistent and varied efforts. Contact your local agency today to begin a lasting relationship in advertising that is sure to help grow your small business.